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MPOnline- an Ideal Example of e-Governance

MPOnline was identified as a best practice by the Governance Knowledge Centre research team because of its remarkable contributions in strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery using information and technology as a tool. Moreover, an indepth analysis of the basic design and functioning of the portal elevates the scope of public-private partnerships in the field of governance.

The portal aims at capacitating government to cater to the needs of citizens and businesses in a time and cost effective way. By integrating key government departments such as the municipality, forest, district collectorate, urban administration department, commercial tax, agriculture, panchayat, rural development, social welfare, education, health, electricity and police departments, the initiative strives to strengthen the level of transparency and accountability into government functioning and widen the scope of services delivered to the citizens.

  • MPOnline provides more than 200+ educational, recruitment and B2C based citizen services.
  • MPOnline employs an ’Assisted Access’ model to effectively deliver the services to the citizen having no computer knowledge.
  • Citizens can access a range of services by paying a nominal portal fee in both rural and urban areas.
  • Huge saving in Government departments for managing, maintaining and processing these services manually.
  • Kiosks are operated by a network of franchises to avail the service to the citizen. These operators have necessary skills, training and infrastructure to run these facilities efficiently.